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I am thinking since quite a while to publish this, but i never dared to do so. Even if i first discovered this conspiracy 5 years ago I knew i have to be careful. Who will believe me? I still have no clue who THEY are. In this Blog i want to share my experience and hope to discover the identity of THEY or i guess in this sentence THEM. So piece by piece i will reveal what i have discovered so far. Even if I don't know who THEY are, I at least discovered a great deal of what THEY are doing.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The fear of the elephant

For all of you who still think I am a loony, I will give an update and some facts that will aid my statements. The picture shows a baby mammoth. It was found in 2007 in Russia. Here is a report about it. Like I said they will find a Mammoth. The talk about how to, and the whereabouts to clone have started a while ago. I hope everyone notices how close it actually looks to an elephant. That will be the last I will talk about cloning for a while, as long as nobody has any questions.
That doesn't mean we are done. Like I said there are still too many questions out there. I might just have found the answer to the why THEY have done this gruesome killing following 2 hundred years of animal cruelty(shaving, capturing and killing till the present day). For the answer I have to feed you little bits and pieces of information again. The answer is even further away from what we believe and trust is reality. Again all the answers are out there. I will try to give you my sources of my whole research some day, but right now its more important to tell the story than to verify the truth. Feel free to research yourself about what I have written. You will see that i didn't make anything up.
To make writing easier the Mammoths will be still referred to as elephants. Since you and I are the only people suspecting them to be something else, in all sources they are called elephants. This way I try to avoid confusion. But now its time to guide you further through THEIR labyrinth of lies toward the final truth.
To do so, we have to look at the fears of this biggest of all land animals. It is a well known lie that elephants are afraid of mice. Actually the elephant doesn't fear much. Even sharing habitats with lions and Rhinos they are pretty calm about everything. They don't need to fear other animals, no one dares to touch them. The only exception is the Human. Many wild elephants build up a fear for the humans. They get slayed and hunted from Humans since quite a while now, nearly to the point of extinction. Its just smart to fear your only enemy. Being captured and shaved might be part of the aversion against humans.
Elephants don't like sounds they aren't able to locate. There is another fear, that is the one important one. Elephants are afraid of Airplanes. That's not surprising, most planes are loud and big, but you don,t need to have a big loud plane to make an elephant nervous.
All you need is an air-glider. No noise and usually smaller than other airplanes.
Elephants are not the only ones running from a sailplane. The answer to this riddle is hidden in the past.

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